3 Keys to Better Gaming!

3 Keys to Better Gaming!

Increasing your gaming stats and improving your gaming skills isn't just a matter of spending more time in front of the screen. Here are three key areas that you can focus on to maximise your gaming time, and progress to higher ranks or compete for achievements and trophies.


Overlooked just as often by professional athletes as the normal person, what and how you eat is critical. Food is fuel for your body, and the type and level of fuel gives you the energy to perform at a certain level.

Gamers have a tendency to consume a lot of fast foods and energy drinks because it is the most convenient, and is an instant hit but what everybody warns about are the long term impacts of consuming these foods often. That's a talk for another time, but you MUST make sure you consume the right foods when prepping for a gaming session, because it contributes to a variety of benefits.

Treat your body like an athletes because gaming requires coordination, ability to perform under stress and fatigue. This means eating the right types of carbs, replenishing your body by drinking enough water, and taking in vitamins and minerals to transport these nutrients throughout your body and keep your performance in check.

There are plenty of guides to a healthy diet, be sure to take a Google and find out.

Set Up

We rag on this on and on about how the correct set up can affect your gaming outcomes significantly. It isn't just the highest performing hardware and software, it's also the things that you are physically using regularly.

Your keyboard, mouse, desk set up and appropriate chair all play a part in you being comfortable and at home, no matter what game or environment you're playing in. There is a reason why the industry of gaming chairs is booming, the right place for your bum and body is a game-changer for the first game, and the last one for the day.

We have the table and chair solutions for you, once you've completed reading browse our range and find the set up that suits your body, and set up.


We're horrible at this, staying up until the early hours of the morning trying to complete a challenge, or winning online, but the fact of the matter is that if you're not resting enough, you're NEVER going to be at 100% to perform. Eight hours has been the recommendation for the past couple decades, but it's just as important to sleep well, not just long.

This includes preparing for good sleep, which usually incorporates removing any screens or stimulating devices for thirty minutes to an hour before lights out, and having the right bed and accessories for the perfect environment. Productivity increases with good rest, and that means more efficient gaming.

All of us have been guilty of making mistakes, small or big, because we were tired or fatigued, physically and/or mentally. It's important to press the reset button, but press it completely and come back charged up, rather than half-heartedly taking a break with your mind racing.

They say that practice makes perfect, but most of the time people forget what this means and work themselves into the ground, burning out and going backwards. You need to give effort to EVERYTHING that contributes to improvement, and as your mind and body are keys to good gaming, make sure you prioritise these things when you're not in front of the screen!