5 Reasons to Own an RGB Gaming Desk!

5 Reasons to Own an RGB Gaming Desk!

The RGB Gaming Desk has been a mega hit since we launched them earlier this year. Already halfway sold out on the latest 2020 batch, here are the features that our customers have told us they love about it!

Carbon Fiber Table Top

The most obvious feature is the one that you use the most! Carbon fiber is a material used in a variety of applications, most notably in performance products such as race cars and spacecraft. It is an incredibly light, yet strong material that is able to resist significant force.

The finish is also high attractive, so you keep the weight of the table relatively low, but have a durable surface that is easy to clean and hold a high weight for your set up too!

RGB Lighting

The name of the product suggests that there is lighting involved, and it is by far the most outstanding feature on the gaming table. An easy one step process by connecting the plug to a power source and you are treated to multiple lighting set ups courtesy of buttons on the table top!

Wireless Charger

Make the most your table, from the single surface with our wireless charging function. Wire up the charging station to your computer via USB, and if your phone is wireless-charging compatible, just place it on the pad and continue using your phone from the comfort of your set up!

5 Degree Ergonomic Incline

People always harp on about the benefits of having an ergonomically-friendly seat, but having a functional table for long seatings is just as crucial. The 5 degrees incline relaxes your arms as you use the keyboard and mouse, preventing over-usage of muscles and the strain of typing, pressing and mouse-moving.

5-Year Warranty

Although nobody ever wants an item to develop a fault or have defects, the inevitability with any item there is a risk that the product will develop an issue down the line. We back the quality of our products, so much so that all products including the RGB Gaming Desk are eligible for a 5-year parts warranty from the date of purchase. This effectively covers the lifetime value of the product!

If you're in need of an upgrade to your set up, or just looking for something special to spice up your life, the RGB Gaming Table can be copped for 25% off if you purchase it with our Knight seat! Add both into your order, and take 25% off the entire purchase!