Top 5 - Gaming Set Up Inspiration

Top 5 - Gaming Set Up Inspiration

Looking to add to your set up, but struggling for motivation or inspiration to get started? Luckily for us at Ewin we're flooded with customers' pictures and videos of their set up, proud to show off their latest products!

Here are some of our favourites from customers around the world.


Gaming Chair is a term used to describe a type of seat design, however through our experience many of our customers use their seats for a range of activities. Here we have a SUPER professional music, creative space by Archie with his Flash Black/Blue giving him the comfort for hours of production. 

It's a super serious set up for super serious results, the Flash looks right at home with the equipment, musical instruments and software that demands attention to detail.


Customer Spencer made his Knight Black/White purchase with the aim of completing his home office set up, and shows how versatile finding the right seat can be! Keeping it simple, The black and white basic tones complement the wood detail well on his desk.

We've found that a lot of customers with clean set ups can use the blacks and whites to work with other, organic materials such as wood. Something to keep in mind when selecting your colourway!


The key to any good set up is finding a balance between features and simplicity, bright colours and more basic tones.
This anonymous find on our social media is a testament to that. The CPU uses a white frame but incorporates RGB details that give it a shine. The walls are a basic white too, however it is populated with a lot of art toys, giving off character and making it a pleasant, not-too-clinical place to be. Peep the pedal box at the bottom too! Definitely an area that oozes not just comfort, but constant excitement.
A set up submitted by Jasmine, the pink hues in this simply set off a very happy, pleasant energy. It helps that the Champion is the perfect colour match, but this looks so cozy and clean!
The Warcraft posters on the wall, and further anime references above the monitors provide her with inspiration and get her in the mood for a session of movie-watching or gaming... The only thing she's missing is the NEW Pink RGB Gaming Table!
Finally, you can't have set up inspiration without the ULTIMATE blackout set up. They're getting more common and a completely black set up can be incredibly charismatic if set up correctly.
For Hector, his position as a streamer and prominent YouTuber meant that the black set up BEHIND his camera and screen gives him less reflection and light distortion when producing. As for the rest of the set up, a small pop in white to break up the black keeps it easy on the eye...
Super thankful for all of our customers from around the world showcasing their set ups! Hopefully it provides YOU the inspiration to make a change and increase your productivity and motivation to game, study, work... whatever it is!
If an Ewin is something you'd like to add to your set up, be sure to check out our range.