How to Clean Your Work/Gaming Station

How to Clean Your Work/Gaming Station

Our set ups are our sanctuary, our safe place and an area where we have total control of how we want it to look and feel. Unfortunately this means that a lot of the time we get lazy and let little things get in the way of a proper, clean experience at our stations!

Here are our top tips to make sure that your set up remains a clean, healthy place to be.

Declutter Your Desk

Step one before you get into the nitty gritty is ALWAYS to make sure you rid your set up of any large objects that make your set up a dump.

It's easy for us to leave things by our desks or on the table top because there is a bit of room, what ends up happening is that things take up spaces they shouldn't, and what was once a clean, tidy area is flooded with unnecessary junk.

So to clean your set up, it ALWAYS starts with removing EVERYTHING from your set up, and then going back in and putting back things that need to be there. Throw away or store the rest.

Get Dusting

We're all guilty of forgetting that dust is around us all the time, particularly since our set ups are always exposed to the elements.

Over time this dust build up can greatly impact how your products function, not to mention it looks horrible and unhealthy. The obvious ones to look at are your screens and keyboards, but also pay attention to areas such as your CPU and the gaps in your chair.

Don't just go for what you can see, more than likely the nooks and crannies out of sight are just as bad!

Wipe It Down

Once you've removed all bits and pieces by decluttering and dusting the space, be sure to give your set up a proper wipe. Wiping incorporates two steps:

  1. Wet Wipe using antiseptic and disinfectant; and
  2. Once over with a dry cloth.

The first wet wipe is for hygiene and general cleanliness. Your body and clothes touch millions of bacteria each day through each activity, and over time these accumulate on the surfaces you touch most frequently. You'd be surprised how many nasty gremlins are on your keyboard right now! Use antiseptic and disinfectant wipes, give the entire set up a good once over.

Once that is done, it is vital that you go over each surface again with a dry cloth to wipe the disinfectant off. While it is good in the short term for killing bacteria, keeping these chemicals on surfaces can impact its longevity, so the dry one makes sure it's taken care of appropriately.

Keep It Clean!

Your set up is now clean, don't jump straight back into the bad habits and get it dirty all over again! Prevention is better than a solution, so keep these in mind before, during and after your time at the station.

  • Wash your hands before you sit down at your set up
  • If you're at home, coming back from a trip outdoors, change into home clothes so the dirty and grime from the environment doesn't transfer onto your chair and table
  • During your session, refrain from wiping oils, sweat and other liquids onto the set up. It's very common for gamers to wipe their foreheads with their fingers, and go straight back to typing on the keyboard.
  • After your session, keep some baby wipes handy so you can quickly wipe down the surfaces you've touched.

Stay Away From Food!

Drinks are okay if they're secure and can be drunk without spillage, an adjustable lid works best.

However, there is NO excuse to have food at the table, because it is inevitable that crumbs will get onto your set up. If it's crisps, it'll stay on your fingertips. A muesli bar will probably crumb apart as soon as you bite into one, and fruit just sprays juices all over the keyboard and screen.

If you need to eat, wait for a pause in the session, take a break and eat it in a hygienic environment that you know gets cleaned regularly.

This is the perfect, easy checklist to make sure you don't mix up each step and work to clean up your work/gaming station!