How to Stay Productive Working from Home

How to Stay Productive Working from Home

2020 has been the year of the homebody, with those that love staying inside reaping the benefits of all the arrangements for traditionally office-based roles.

However, we've also seen a significant dip in productivity because it is so easy to find distractions at home! That being said, be sure to try these tips to maximise your productivity at home.

Create a separate set up for your work

It might be a little difficult if space is at a premium, but it's important to set up an area that is dedicated to your work. A physical space can always be symbolic and provide the right type of energy to approach your work.

Stay away from places that are traditionally seen as non-work environments. Your work should never be taken into the bedroom, nor should it find a home on your living room couch. If you're serious about your work, the pseudo-office space is great for your mindset.

Invest in the right equipment, things that you take for granted in the workplace such as a good screen, a proper chair and resources such as a pen and paper make a big difference!

Use a timer

There is always something to do at home. Rooms always need cleaning, the dishes need to be washed, Netflix is just a couple clicks away. Without the workplace frowns, or the physical supervision of any other staff members, the temptations become so much stronger.

Avoid this by setting time blocks so you're given opportunities to work and indulge. Twenty minutes on, five minutes off is a good place to start.

The key though, is to be disciplined and use the time wisely, as soon as you begin to have leeway for either side, it defeats the purpose and you'll lapse into inconsistency and poor productivity again!

Use a task management system

Most businesses have these now, however for individuals looking to get more organised with their day, this is incredibly powerful when it comes to structuring your day, and setting up priorities.

Asana is the task management system used by our team, but you can choose from wide variety of platforms, most of which provide free plans.

We recommend splitting the categories based on the key areas of your life if you're using this for personal organisation. A good start can be:

  • Work
  • Admin
  • House Duties
  • Social/Leisure

Don't overcomplicate it, but remember to set appropriate due dates and put in enough detail so you remember what the task is about!

Exercise in the morning

The travel time that most office workers are accustomed to is taken out of the equation when working from home, which is an easy excuse for you to sleep in.

However, whether you're already exercising daily or not, the extra time in the morning is the perfect opportunity to get a proper amount of exercise in the AM.

This isn't a fitness blog so we won't go into the specifics and use overly complicated language, but there are SO MANY key benefits with this!

  • Releases the happy chemicals in your brain (endorphins) to really up the mood before your day gets truly started;
  • An activity that excites you as soon as you wake up, incredibly empowering to get your bum out of bed and make the most of the hours you're awake!;
  • For many, the workout will be the most challenging part of the day, which set you up nicely to begin work and get into the swing of things; and
  • Boost your metabolism, diet and lifestyle by getting the blood moving, and burning calories from the get-go, your body will overall be more energised over the course of the week.

There are many different forms of exercise that you can undertake, they don't have to be what you always see on social media! Here are Ewin Racing AU, the team enjoys a variety of activities to kick start the day:

  • HIIT workouts
  • Jogging
  • Martial Arts
  • Swimming

Find what's right for you, and give it a try!

So many people fall into the trap of ill-discipline when working from home, but if you set yourself up correctly, it can often lead to results and enjoyment that far exceeds what you get from commuting to the office!