Is a Gaming Chair for You?

Is a Gaming Chair for You?

Buying a gaming chair is a big investment, and many customers reach out, do their research and want to learn if purchasing one is worthwhile. Here are somethings that we recommend customers look out for when deciding to take the plunge!

Seating Duration

Gaming chairs are built for long seated sessions, regardless of the task that the user is doing. It can be the gaming, but a lot of gaming chair owners use them for studying and working too. A primary consumer for gaming chairs in 2020 was the work-from-home customer, who needed a set up that would support them comfortably for long durations (6+ hours) throughout the day, five times a week.

The more frequently you use a product, particularly one that plays a BIG role in your body's comfort and overall physical and mental comfort, the bigger its importance. Much like a bed that takes up a third of your day's time, if you are sitting for long periods of time each day, a gaming chair should be highly considered for your wellbeing.

Fitting Your Body Type

No two humans are built the same, even if they share the same basic statistics. Weight and height are only two measurements when it comes to arranging the right chair, but what about how a person is built, their proportions and dimensions?

Gaming chairs often provide adjustability that is well above the options given by a standard office chair you can buy at your local supply store. An example would be with our Flash XL, the largest chair in our range.

The Flash is built for up to 250KG, with a wider base for larger customers. It features 155 degrees of reclining-ability, plus tilt adjustment. The armrests are also 4D adjustable, meaning they go up and down in height, forward and backward at the tip, but also can rotate angular.

Ever sit in a seat and start fidgeting and having to take standing breaks? With the right gaming chair those issues are often resolved!


There is always a lot of feedback when it comes to gaming chairs regarding the price, and how it's all marketing and trying to lure in young, impressionable customers to make the plunge into a product that is simply "prettied up".

Despite this, it has been proven that 2020 with the huge increase in work-from-home arrangements, that gaming chairs are still the best value seat for ANYBODY, not just the gamer.

Gaming chairs are pricier than your average office chair (our cheapest Knight series is at $359.95), however when you compare it to the top-of-the-line, ergonomic chairs, the price difference is almost three times the cost.

Do ergonomic chairs at that price range provide three times the benefit? It is unlikely, and with the correct settings on an adjustable gaming chair (such as our Ewin range), it is likely that you can experience similar levels of comfort and benefit.

Professional sports team often have gaming/racing seats on the sidelines for players and coaches to rest in, tells you a lot...

Pay a little more than your standard office chair from the supply store, and reap the benefits over the years of sitting!

Appearance and Interior Design

If you are purchasing for personal use, how your newest seat fits in with the rest of your set up and interior is super important.

The shapes, colours and design of your room all play a part in creating the perfect environment for you to do your best work, and the seat plays a big part.

With an aggressive, attractive sports silhouette, the right colour combinations and popping materials, gamings have the show to match the go, they work together!

Set up and "workspace" pictures have never been so easy with a gaming chair involved.

A lot of people looking to purchase a chair only see the immediate investment and are put off, but it is important to remind ourselves that buying furniture is often a long term investment. Not just in how long we'll have the product in our lives, but also how often we'll be using it. If you're sitting down for long periods of time each week, finding the right fit for you is super important for your mind and body.

View our Ewin Racing range and find one for you!