Keys to a Great Creative Work Space

Keys to a Great Creative Work Space

Businesses looking to be creative, innovative and different from the rest need to invest in a space that allows their team members to bring all of this to life. Often underrated, a good work space is one that enhances the skill set, helps to generate ideas provide the spark to begin, continue or complete something special.

With this in mind, here are some keys to a successful, creative work space!


The world is getting ever-more minimalistic when it comes to layouts, interior design and architecture. There are various reasons for it, however a lot of it has to do with budgeting and ensuring that things can be kept for longevity.

Don't underestimate what colours can do for your mind though! In a world of black and whites, it's difficult to access your imagination when everything looks the same. That doesn't mean that you HAVE to go all-in, and create a rainbow serpent out of the work space, but little contrasts here and there go a long way to spicing things up, create a different mood.

It's a given that bright colours get the juices flowing, so try it!

Recreational, Stress-Free Area

The last thing you want in a creative work environment is to suppress features and concepts that contribute to a relaxed state of mind. Particularly when working with creatives, stress is DEFINITELY the enemy and contributes to the inability to think laterally, or come up with solutions that are outside of the box.

As such, a specific space to become stress-free or escape the confines of a workstation reaps BIG benefits! It doesn't have to be over-the-top, little things like bean bags, ping pong tables, a couple of small arcade games can free the mind, even if temporarily.

They can even serve to be awesome idea generators that come out of nothing!


Whether you're deep into the financials as an accountant, or a magician at graphic design, frequently seeing things that are pleasant on the eye only brings positivity.

With creative brands, being able to reference culture, competitors, context and history are critical elements to success, and this is brought out in its most beautiful form through artwork.

They don't just have to be paintings, look at investing in an array of objects such as toys, sculptures, old artefacts and equipment. All of these not only set the mood, but as with all else in the work space function as inspiration and motivation to generate ideas.

Natural Elements

Definitely something that people take enough notice of when planning out their workspace, but natural elements in a workspace is a big one!

Studies have shown that natural lighting improves worker satisfaction, and increases productivity, while the introduction of biophilic design and products such as plants, fountains reduces stress and allow workers to feel calmer.

After all, humans are naturally comfortable in man-made environments all the time, and exposure to the elements is always a great refresher, think about your needs to go to the beach or on a roadtrip.

Make the most of the natural lighting in your workspace, and incorporate nature's products if possible, and you'll be one with the earth in no time!

People spend over a third of each working day in an office, so making it an enjoyable place of inspiration should be high up on the list of priorities for any business. The benefits are multi-faceted, productivity is increased, workers feel less stressed, ideas come by easier but more importantly they get all boast that they work at the coolest joint in town.

What's your excuse?!