Our New Website!

Our New Website!

If you're reading this, you're on our new website!

We've spent the last couple months developing this new website for our customers to enjoy. Although the original site was amazing for our launch process and gained many customers, particularly during last year's lockdown, we wanted to provide more information for visitors and an easier, more modern browsing experience.

Here are the main changes that we've incorporated into the new website.

Products Together

Before when browsing, you'd have to scroll through an entire collection of seats to find the colourway you want, jumping in and out of each product to see if it was the design and colour you needed for your set up.

Now, all products under the same family are under one product, with different variants. If you're looking for a Flash seat, all the options are there under the same link, including what's available and what isn't.

Less clicks for you to get the information you need, and the confidence to make a purchase!

More Product Information

Our previous website gave you the bare bones when it came to information about the product. It was all you needed to make the decision, but we received a lot of questions regarding specific materials and technology that separated Ewin from its competitors, and also other models in the brand range.

So, we've listened to your feedback and added the detail our chairs deserve and how they are a step above the standard! All you need to do, is check it out yourself now, use our Flash page as an example!

New, Modern Design

Ewin Racing represents quality, modern design and an easy-to-use nature for all situations.

We translated the product's mission to the website, revamping the colours to be universally comfortable for all visitors, and a user interface that keeps everything as minimal as possible.

Find reviews to make you comfortable from the convenience of the product page, or pop them up whenever you want with a side tab, or learn the shipping and warranty policies with just a slide-through, no need to go searching!

The website experience should be as straightforward as our products, and this is what we've focused on.

We continue to work on delivering a better product and experience for our customers. The website plays a big part in this, but please shoot us a message if you have any feedback to forward on!