Product Feature - RGB Gaming Table

Product Feature - RGB Gaming Table

Our RGB Gaming Table has been a popular hit with all gaming enthusiasts since we launched it in the middle of 2020. Quick to sell out, and always in pre-order checkouts, we also saw the arrival of a unique Pink RGB Gaming Table to end 2020.

For those looking for a new desk, whether it be for your gaming set up, office space or study area, here's why you need one!

The Versions

There are three version of the RGB Gaming Table available to customers:

  • RGB (A) | This is the original launch table, with a split-leg construction down the bottom.
  • RGB (B) | The design of B is more subtle, with the same carbon fiber table top, and a number of small changes that make it a different product.
  • Pink RGB | A result of HUGE demand, we developed and have since brought in the Pink RGB Table, using the same architecture as RGB (A).

RGB Lighting

It's obvious, but one of the best features of all three versions is the RGB lighting! All that's needed is a power source to get it primed and ready to go, and from there you have multiple options at your fingertips!

From speed, to patterns and direction, create a setting that suits your situation. Sometimes for us at the workshop we just keep it off if we need to dial in and focus on the work!

5 Degree Incline

5 degrees doesn't seem like much when you first look at it, but when it comes to your desk it makes a mega difference when you're sat in front of the screen for long periods of time.

What does this 5-degree incline do? It was designed to alleviate stress and assist in aligning your wrist and arm when resting on the table. We wouldn't say that "injuries" occur when you use keyboards and mouses without an incline over time, BUT you will end up with potentially chronic pain in the future if these habits don't change!

High Strength Carbon Fiber

For the two carbon-based tables, have confidence in knowing that your gaming table is created from high quality carbon fiber, which when weight to weight provides 2 to 5 times more rigidity than steel and aluminium.

The difference is that carbon fiber is a fraction of the weight of those two materials, meaning that you don't have a clumsy, heavy table in your room. The amount of weight that we place on these tables in our workshop proves the strength of the construction!

Plus... you get the sweet, sweet aesthetic of carbon fiber, right in your room!

Useful Accessories

All RGB Gaming Tables also provide an array of accessories that enhance your gaming experience or improve convenience so life is easier when you need to focus!

Our Carbon options also come with a wireless charging port, all you need is a compatible phone, while the two split-leg products (A and Pink) also include a cup holder. You don't think that's important until you're running low on space!

Add to this the included grommets and cable organisers, the RGB Gaming Table is an enabler to enhance your experience, rather than add unnecessary clutter.

These tables have been carefully engineered to maximum your value for money and provide more with what is usually seen as a standard, flavourless product. Add to this a 5-year parts warranty to keep you moving forward, check out our Desk collection now!