PU Leather Care Tips

PU Leather Care Tips

Ewin Racing seats are made from premium, high quality PU leather. If you want your PU leather seat to stay durable, ready for use for many years be sure to follow these top tips!

Respect it!

It's easy to get carried away with furniture in the house, people tend to treat it without much care because it isn't a designer product, or you feel more comfortable because you there isn't any stress.

However, it's important to respect the seat and understand that like all things that get used, wear and tear can be accelerated with bad habits!

If you can, avoid the following and you'll keep the PU leather strong for much longer:

  • Sit evenly on the seat and distribute your weight naturally. This means trying to avoid placing all the weight on side side, for your arms and legs
  • Keeping sharp, hard objects away from the seat. It's common to put boxes on seats, but this will wear down the leather very quickly
  • Excessive rubbing. If you're moving up and down the seat and adjusting your position, you will wear the PU out because of the friction!

Keep it away from the elements!

With any leather, natural or PU, it is important to make sure that the material stays away from objects, products or elements that can damage or weaken its construction.

It's easy to ignore spillages or crumbs when you're in the middle of a hardcore battle online, but once it is all over remember to take a couple minutes just to wipe it down, clean it up and vacuum if you need to get into the nitty gritty.

Leaving those elements on your seat, and consistently putting it in hot, humid environments makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and deterioration of the PU, so a clean surface is definitely a reliable, durable one.

Clean it properly

We talked about cleaning above, but there is actually a proper way to clean PU leather, and make sure you don't damage it during and after the maintenance.

It starts with using the right type of cloth. Stay away from the abrasive materials, you don't need something to scrub. Using a soft, cotton-based cloth is all you need with a circular motion to apply the cleanse.

Using a hard material and scrubbing hard will only dry and crack the leather prematurely!

Secondly, after you've given the chair a good wipe with the right cleaning agents, be sure to use another, dry cloth to clear the surface of any chemicals. These chemicals are great for cleaning, but leave it for too long it can damage and wear the PU quicker!

There you have it, simple ways to keep your Ewin's PU leather surface last with longevity. It's not a lot, but it'll go a long way for happy seating for years to come!