Top 5 | Benefits of using a Gaming Chair

Top 5 | Benefits of using a Gaming Chair

We've had significant interest in our chairs during this period of working from home for so many people in Australia.

With so many employees now working from home, the home set up has become a significant element for the perfect environment to continue your hours of productivity from the comfort of the house.

Don't take the risk of purchasing something cheap as a placeholder, there is a reason why this is the case, not all chairs are created equal!

Here are our top five reasons why you should be using a Gaming Chair as part of your home set up!

Reason #1 | The Value-for-Money Option

Gaming chairs are not the same as ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed and highly specialised products that particularly benefit those who have chronic, medically-diagnosed issues with their posture and body.

Gaming chairs are primarily designed for comfort, to conform to your body, hence do not provide the same level of specificity as an ergonomic chair. This also brings the price down significantly compared to an ergonomic chair. You will be paying almost half of what it costs, for 90% of the benefits!

Reason #2 | Hours of Comfort

Gaming chairs are built using the same architecture and shape as bucket seats in sports cars. While many see the aesthetic benefits of having this type of design in their set up, there is a reason why soccer teams use racing seats for their coaching staff and players on the sidelines. They conform to the shape of the body, holding you and applying pressure in the areas you need to feel comfortable while sitting for prolonged periods of time. In particular, the lumbar support you need when sitting for hours is present in a gaming chair, you won't find with a cheaper option from your local department store.

Reason #3 | Additional Benefits & Features

The most obvious benefit of purchasing a gaming chair is the higher quality construction, support and structure for users, however there are many smaller, hidden features that make your experience much more enjoyable. Using our chairs as an example, all of our seats recline up to 155 degrees, which makes it a very easy rest option should you need a break.

Additionally, for our higher-end models we provide 4D armrests that provide adjustability up and down, left and right but also in and out! Tilt can also be adjusted to provide you the perfect position regardless of what activity you're doing.

These features more than often come standard on gaming chairs, when you add all the little details together it becomes a very complete option for anyone working from home!

Reason #4 | More Options

One of the issues with standard chairs that you find at department stores, or the ones you use in your workplace is that there are significantly more options to suit your preferences, and these aren't just cosmetic preferences.

Sure we have multiple colour and pattern options to dissect, but the biggest benefit with shopping Ewin or any gaming chair brand are the options from a budget and body standpoint. Our chair range is engineered to fit different body types so that you can ensure the seat is neither too big, or too small for your body type.

Looking for a budget option that is a cut above the average? We have our Knight range. Or, maybe you're a larger bloke that wants something that can hold up reliably to frequent usage, with that we have our line up of Flash chairs for you!

Whatever your purpose for shopping for a chair, gaming chairs give you many more options and opportunities to get the right one, the first time round.

Reason #5 | Look Good, Feel Good. Feel Good, Do Good.

Maybe it's superficial, but nobody can deny the difference it makes when you're using something that you believe looks good. It happens everywhere in life, from the clothes we wear, the haircut we get or even the car that we drive.

The more confidence you have in your products and how they make you feel (emotionally, not just from a comfort standpoint), will make a difference to your performance and the quality of work you put out. Gaming chairs look good period, which means that this substantial aesthetic upgrade to your set up will make it significantly easier to spend more time doing what you do best!

Gaming chairs have taken over during these difficult periods as some of the most popular purchases for a home. It's like that for a reason, so if you're in the market or looking to upgrade what you have now, head to our Essentials range and make that choice easy for you!