Top 5 Ergonomic Set Up Tips

Top 5 Ergonomic Set Up Tips

Ergonomic. It's a term that is thrown around by HR departments in the workplace, and also the word that you've heard the most this year as we've all been working from home.

What does an ergonomic set up look like? There are many components to it, but here are our Top 5 tips so you can get comfortable, and stay healthy in the long term.

Tip #1 | Watch your screen height

It's probably something that you're not thinking when it comes to set up, but the screen height relative to your head and eyes is critical. Your neck is constantly under strain if you are looking up or down at a screen, which has great implications for your overall posture and potential neck and trap problems moving forward.

We advise to set up your ergonomic set up appropriately, sit in your seat and close your eyes to reset. When you open them again, adjust the screen as necessarily to match the eye-level with the middle of the screen.

Tip #2 | Support your lower back

Particularly when you are sitting down for long periods during the day, all the weight of your upper body is compressed into your lower spine. This can not only be painful and sore in the short term, but your posture and muscular skeleton can develop problems over the years.

The support on your lower back can be a simple pillow from around the house, it's important to push this area slightly forward. With all of our Ewin Racing products, they come with a lumbar cushion as standard to keep that area comfortable and safe for longer hours.

Tip #3 | Don't sit too high

It's natural for us to want to sit as high as possible so we can type easier and our arms are relatively free to swing about and roam as needed.

However, sitting too high without appropriate leg support means that your ankles will experience swelling, and your leg circulation can 10 to 15 percent. The natural and easy measurement for this is your ability to place your feet flat while sitting at your desk. If this is not possible with your set up and adjustments, you may need a foot rest!

Tip #4 | Perfect the posture

There is a correct way to sit at your workstation, regardless of your body's proportions or the habits you've adopted. What is this correct method?

The step by step process is as such: Sit as close as possible to the desk, your upper arm (to the elbow) should be parallel to your spine.

Then rest your wrists on the desk and note if your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. If they are not, you will need to make adjustments to your seating height to make that happen.

Once your upper body has been settled, you MUST make sure that your knees are also at ninety degrees, and if possible your feet are flat on the floor. If they're not flat, as mentioned above, invest in a foot rest!

The perfect posture distributes weight appropriately and puts an even amount of stress and strain for each body part as you work for prolonged periods of time.

Tip #5 | Declutter your set up

Everybody hates a messy set up, but it is almost inevitable with the amount of paperwork, folders, food and drink that you place on your desk throughout the working week.

What people fail to realise is that all of this obstructs your ability to set up properly. If you place a bag under the table, can you sit with your feet flat at 90 degrees? If you have ornaments or objects underneath your screen, does this push your keyboard too close to you that you can't rest your forearms?

Invest in storage compartments and areas so you maximise the surface area of your desk itself and surrounding spaces. Not only does it free you up for better posture, but you also relax a lot more and don't feel like an accidental swing of the arm or moving something without looking will result in an accident!

Ergonomics, break it down into simple terms and what it really means for us normal people is how to sit and work as effectively as possible. Take note of our tips, try them out today and experience more productivity and comfort immediately!

We know... because we do them ourselves...