What Makes a Good Gaming Chair?

What Makes a Good Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs have taken the world by storm over the past ten years, as the pastime becomes more and more mainstream with each release.

Lots of brands now have developed their own version of the gaming chair, but when looking to get one for yourself, what should you be looking for?

Adjustability and Fit

The biggest mistake when purchasing any chair for your set up, is to ignore how the product suits your specific body type. We're not just talking your height and weight, but also each dimension and proportion of your limbs and torso. Compare a 80KG, 180CM person to another of the same measurements, the arms, legs, and torso will definitely be different!

This is why the fit is one thing, but full adjustability is something all potential buyers need to look for. At Ewin, we have our Seat Guide, but also with each chair comes a range of adjustment features, especially for the arms because they have to match not only with the body, but also with the desk.


There is a common myth that goes around that a softer chair is the better way to go, because it provides more "comfort", and isn't as "hard on the body". What gamers, workers and students often fail to remember is that you tend to sit on these chairs for prolonged periods of time.

Most of the time in these instances, firm is the way to go because it gives you the long term support needed, not just for the one session, but over the months and years that you're at your desk.

For added comfort, some seats (such as our entire Ewin range), include memory foam which contorts and moulds into your body over time, meaning that your specific body shape gets the perfect fit with the seat, each and every time!

The key is to remember that you're buying an INVESTMENT, something long term and never forgetting that a seat will wear over time, meaning that you want something that can SUSTAIN performance with longevity.


Sure, the majority of your chair's life will be spent by a set-up of some kind, but it is always good to have products that are multipurpose.

There is a saying that goes, "look good, feel good". This is definitely true when it comes to what you think of your gaming chair. If it feels quality, ready for a good time and comfortable enough to get you in the zone, it can make a world of difference for your end result. This is why Ewin Racing chairs come in different shapes, and colour blockings. We want to make sure that customers get the BEST FIT for their set up, the colours, the pattern, it all makes a difference in how you feel.

Also, maybe the gaming purchase is for your studio that you spend many hours is. Productivity doesn't usually come in long, twelve hour stints, so you need those breaks in between to keep yourself refreshed. Things like reclining-ability (our Ewin seats recline to 155 degrees if needed), and pillows (like the head and lumbar cushions that come with each Ewin purchase) allow you to kill two birds with one stone.

The more a product can do for your overall life experience, the better value it is and a more certain purchase!

Warranty and Customer Support

Let's never forget that purchasing anything of large value, such as furniture should come with certain guarantees and a meeting of minimum expectations. It is a big outlay for anybody, regardless of what the purpose is and with that you want the confidence to know that what you're buying, can be backed by the supplier and you can iron out any problems with the product moving forward.

Although installation and building a gaming chair is usually straightforward, sometimes you might run into little difficulties, or encounter a defective or damaged part that stops you from using the product properly.

Other times, it could be through use that an issue comes up, and it is during these times that you want to trust that the brand will pull through with a positive outcome.

Your best bet is to look at reviews that are NOT PAID, from customers and external parties who can review the product objectively. This is why we have our reviews listed on the website, 5-Star or not to give potential buyers more transparency with what they're getting into.

Warranty is also something potential buyers should look into, and with Ewin Racing we offer a 5-years parts warranty, meaning that ANY break down within 5 years of a customer's order date, can be fixed with spare parts, free of charge. If the chair is beyond repair, a replacement one is promptly sent.

Uncertainty breeds anxiety, and with a high value purchase like a gaming chair, it's important that you can be confident that the support you get goes beyond the check out button!

Buying something that is so central to your life can be a big task, even intimidating sometimes. Take note of the tips above, and be more comfortable with your decision to buy!