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Ewin Racing seats combine style with function to allow you to game, study, work or relax for hours at a time without hindering your posture and comfort.

Constructed from a durable steel frame with cold moulding memory foam that contorts to your body shape, the Ewin seat is a must- have for anyone that spends considerable amounts of time sitting throughout the day.

Cold-Cure Memory Foam

Unlike others in the market, our cold cure memory foam is tailor-made to withstand daily workload while still being comfortable!

Built of Quality Materials

Constructed from a durable steel frame, we guarantee quality and comfort.

4D Adjustable Armrests

The 4D Armrests allow you to rest your arms in a comfortable chosen position relieving pressure on your shoulders.

Durable & Comfortable

High Quality PU Leather

We stand by our products and the standards we provide to our customers. We keep the tradition of form and function throughout all our ranges with our precise quality control.

Unlike others, our PU Leather is curated to withstand most elements without neglecting comfort. 

Firm but squishy!

Cold-Cure Memory Foam

Feel at ease with our premium Cold-Cure Memory Foam. Created to conform to your body, our memory foam has the right amount of support needed to enhance your sitting posture and experience.


Heavy Steel Frame

Our Weling Steel Frame is designed to withstand anything in its way. Perfect for those looking for a sturdy but comfortable seat.


5 Year Warranty

Don't worry, we have your back.

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